Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TAINTEES current inventory

After a couple selling sessions, here's what's left of the Taintee inventory.

"Catbaby Truth": 11

"David Lynch Infinitee": 10


"Orgy Mountain": 7 (on white), 6 (on black), 5 (on blue) 2 (on purple)

Spend your money on these! They're worth it! Great gifts and conversation starters! Who needs an introduction when you're wearing a one-of-a-kind Taintee?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here's a Taintee model sporting a brand-new CABABY TRUTH tee. He is a happy guy! Only $5 dollar!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Premiere

At 4:30pm today, I am coming out. Buy a Taintee or print with my image on it. I'm here and I'm queer.


This game of hangman on the wall. There were some mistakes. It must be written in some sort of code that I am not smart enough to understand. 

Yellow circle

These colorful bottle caps are everywhere. I heard that something important and awesome will happen if every hole in this building is filled with bottle caps.


Re: Catbaby

This email is a reminder that you exist. Please remember. 



Here I am on the nose of a Steelers treeface. This was not here yesterday. Only in Pittsburgh.


Yellow is my favorite color. It's the color of piss. It's also the color of the sun. It's cheese, jaundice, curry, straw, lemonade, daffodils, dandelions, and some other stuff.


I'm a spicy little cat. I like it hot. I like to inflict pleasure and pain. 

How do you like it?

Another H

Here's me and my twin in an "H" apartment.


I'm on holiday here. Holiday!


I had bad timing and walked under the gate right as it was coming down. It hit me pretty hard, but I'm okay.

Outside pole

Here's me and my twin on a metal pole outside. It's cold, but at least we have each other.




School is cool.

10 Cent Tampons

This was actually a freebie machine, but for some reason, the 10 cent label was still on there. This is misleading. What if a girl was bleeding through her light-colored, tight jeans and she was discouraged by this sign? What is she searched through her pocket for that forsaken dime (or two nickels) and found nothing? She would keep on bleeding and humiliating herself in public. Her crush would probably see and then she could write a "confession" for Cosmo Girl. Period confessions! Those are never old.


I'm in danger! 

Actually, I'm just next to danger.

Obey - Dialogue with artist

I met Shepard Fairey. He is a clean looking guy with a hot wife. He is rich, even though he's an artist. He is successful in this way because he took the initiative to promote himself early on. Now, people worship him. He has more fans that he can even think about. 

Big things start small.


Stairs. No fun to walk on them.

Walking up is hard because you're fighting your weight against gravity, and your muscles have to work harder. Walking down is also hard because it works more unused, weaker muscles in your leg.

I'd rather sit around.

Tiny hole

This hole is just the right size for me to go through. I wonder what is on the other side? Probably nothing, or a wall. 


If I were a piece of trash, this is what I'd look like. Throw that trash away!

Doherty Hall

This "H" is big enough to be two apartments.

Uh oh

This tile was made by one of the best people I know - my clay professor. He was commissioned to do these tiles for the Carnegie Mellon University Center. He said he got tired of the project midway through, but did a great job anyway. I am sticking around on this tile. It's one of my favorite ones, even though I haven't seen all of them yet. 

I hope he's not angry that I'm here!


This fish is everywhere. I found one and sat on it's face. It's much bigger than me, so I'm pretty scared that it might eat me. I feel safe though, because it has no mouth.

Number 1!

I'm Number 1! Hurray!


This is me with some names of children in Comic Sans font. This atrocity should not be instilled into young brains! 

I hear Aidan is a popular name. I think "Alok" will be the hottest thing next year.

Free rides!

Yay! I got a free ride!

Light switch

Here's me with a great light switch. It was currently turned off. Wanna turn it on?


I saw some interesting openings in the wall - a big one and a littler one on top. Sort of reminded me of a vagina and anus, respectively. Or it could be the other way around.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I am launching the campaign to remind people of my existence. I exist in the spaces between--unused, unimportant zones.

You may notice me inside the capital letters in public signage. There's plenty of room inside the nooks for little me.

These are simply reminders. They are not actually me. I'm hiding, but I am on my way out into the world. Be ready and be excited!

Welcome Home!

This is the official Blog of Catbaby.

Do you know where I am?
I am everywhere.