Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Adventure in Tee-Tagging: Part One

So this evening in the beautiful Pittsburgh rain, I went on a tee-tagging spree throughout Squirrel Hill and Shadyside--two of the most affluent areas of the city. I left Taintees with the URL of this blog and a catbaby sticker embroidered on the tag at the following locations:

1) The GAP
2) Victoria's Secret
3) American Apparel
4) Avalon
5) J. Crew

It was a little scary dropping off the tees (or rather, inserting them into the circulation of clothing at each store). The most difficult of all of these was Victoria's Secret because they hardly have any clothing on display to begin with--only sexy lingerie. Of course, I found a solution to this problem...

It was thrilling and relieving to get rid of some of these shirts and release them into the world, even if they do end up in the American Apparel dumpster.

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