Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What do you think about Catbaby?

My status on Facebook has asked people to respond to Catbaby--what you think of it, why you think it exists, are you scared of it, etc. So far, these are the responses I've gotten.

"I think Catbaby is everything that is super popular about the internet. Namely: Babies and kittens. Our somewhat creepy obsession with them... think of Catbaby as the emerging deity of The Internets." - Zack W.

"It's a widdle pussy who needs wuving." - Andrea M.

"I honestly picture this real baby with this cat~face. in a high chair." - Lara M.

"Catbaby strikes me as a creepy but kinda nostalgic figure, like a stuffed animal from childhood that turned into a pedophile." - Becka R.

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